Firestar Family Album

The Lana & Ravin' pups:  Nova, Rosco, and Sparkle
DOB January 1, 2010

Firestar What Dreams May Come
Being loved by Jo and Tony

Firestar's Rosco P Coltrane
Loved by Scott and aussie buddy Stamps

Firestar's Light Up The Night
Margie's little girl along with Uncle Sidney!


The Rory & Cage pups:  Sawyer, Bella, Sara and Finn
DOB November 24, 2007

Firestar's Melt My Heart
Loved by Anne & Scott

Sawyer enjoying the lake on the 4th!

Firestar's When Hearts Run Wild
Being loved by Shea, Myssie & big sister Abby
And buds with Coley & Xander!


Firestar's Close To My Heart

Finn is loved by Cara and her family!

Lana & River pups:  Rain & Evie
DOB August 12, 2007

AKC & ASCA CH Wildfire's Wish Upon A Firestar
Loved by Gia Coppi, Wildfire Kennel

October 18, 2009
WD/BOS - 5 pt. Major Win for his ASCA Championship!
Thank you Senior Breeder Judge Ann DeChant!

August 16, 2009
WD for another 3 Pt. Major!
Thank you Judge Alberto Berrios

October 4, 2008
WD  for a 4 Pt. Major!
Thank you Judge Cheryl Padgett
October 5, 2008
WD  for a 3 Pt. Major!
Thank you Judge Fran McNamee

December 7, 2008
WD/BOW for his 3rd ASCA Major!

Thank you Judge Terry Berrios

Firestar's Simply Sweet Enchantr
Being loved by Marilyn and Charlie

The Haley & Skylar pups:  Rose, Liam and Wally
DOB November 15, 2005

Firestar's Mystic Rose
being loved by Rachel, James, Rita & Jacob

Firestar's Champagne Supernova
with his dad Kody


Firestar's Walla Walla Bing Bang
being loved by Taylor, Ben & Jan

The Daphne & Murphy pups:  Ani, Gabby, Gretzky, Zoe, and Sydney
DOB September 4, 2004

Firestar's Gabby (above right) & Greta (above left) and their family:  Bennie, Jolene, Emma & Ally in the middle!
Ani, "Firestar's Stellar Anise"
(left) has joined their family!!  (new pictures soon!)

Firestar's Great Gretzky

Much loved by Farley

Firestar's Zoe Bean Carnegie
Loved by Currie and Prosser

Sydney with her mom Joy and dad Glenn

The Coree & Sequoia boys:  Tucker, Astro & Scorpio
DOB January 20, 2004

Tucker with his family: Ruth, Heather and Bret

Astro and Scorpio
Loved by Alex, Nathan, Cathy & Cayman
What a pair of bookends!

"Yes please I'll have a treat..." Hey Scorpio did you know you have a silly hat on?!?

The Libby & Murphy kids:  Vinnie, Powder, Xander, Hobbes & Haimish
DOB June 3, 2001

Firestar's Royale With Cheese

Vinnie has found his new home!
 He is much loved by Toni & Billy

Firestar's Kinetic Energy, CGC

Powder with her brother Kyle playing in the snow in Georgia!


 Xander with parents Myssie, Shea and Kitt (who will always be in your heart)
Xander has his CGC and is a Therapy Dog

Firestar's Jack Rabbit Slim

Hobbes with his family: Nancy, Charly, Hope and Kiele (Bernese Mountain Dog)
Above photos by Alecia Lauren

Welcome Hayden to the family!


  Haimish with sister Dana

Tatum & Van have found their new home
being much loved by Pat & Tom!! 


Firestar's Light Of My Heart
Firestar's Rock Your Gypsy Soul